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ForestAction E-Newsletter    June 2024

Policy Dialogue on Fostering an enabling environment for forest-based enterprises in Nepal
Policy dialogue on fostering an enabling environment for forest-based enterprises in Nepal

The forest-based enterprise policy dialogue has become an important stepping stone to bring policymakers, local government, academia, and civil society organizations together to discuss and develop a common understanding of the problems and advocate for the better promotion and sustainable development of forest-based enterprises.... Read More »

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ForestAction (Forest Resources Studies and Action Team) Nepal, established in 2000, is a learning oriented, not-for-profit, professional organization working in the areas of Forest, biodiversity, livelihoods; Watershed management, ecosystem; Agriculture, food; Climate change and Gender, equity, social inclusion. We adopt an interactive approach to research and policy engagement in collaboration with research community, civil society groups and government agencies to build deliberative and collaborative policy and practices. We envision achieving productive, sustainable and equitable natural resource management by blending professional knowledge with citizen power to build pressure for transformative change. Our approach to knowledge dissemination is through our diverse publications. www.forestaction.org